SLEEP MODE [April 2023]

My junior film at CCS and most noteworthy animation thus far.

Jerma VS Wasp [September 2022]

A fan animation for Jerma985 as a sort of thank you for keeping me entertained through quarantine.

Egg No.00 [June 2023]

A fan animation of one of my favorite rooms in one of my favorite games Cave Story.

Patches Dialogue [April 2022]

A dialogue test featuring the voice of Patches from Dark Souls.

A Little Luffy Animation [June 2023]

I had just purchased CSP Pro and made this to test out its animations features. Luffy is a lot of fun to animate.

Flyover [March 2022]

An animation I made during my internship at Gunner (which is now a part of Duolingo). I was able to learn and utilize Cinema 4D to assist me in getting the rotating camera to look right.

Bellsprout VS Charizard [July 2022]

A simple Pokémon battle fan animation with a completely slanted matchup.

FLCL Reanimated - Shot 234 [May 2022]

My piece for the FLCL reanimated project hosted by shlept boi. Shoutout to Canti.

Yotsuba [November 2022]

A fan animation of Yotsuba from the Yotsuba&! manga. It had a big influence on me growing up and I wanted to pay a little tribute to it.

Bookstorin' [March 2021]

Short video of some characters of mine in a bookstore.

Hudson Practice [June 2023]

A simple animation practice featuring some characters of mine.

At Bat [February 2022]

A simple animation of a little dude swingin' a bat.

MISS-ile [December 2021]

My final exam for an animation class I had.

Apple [April 2021]

A traditional paper animation I made for a class I had.

Rando [August 2020]

A fan animation of Rando from one of my favorite games, LISA: The Painful. I mainly made this to learn Adobe Animate.